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Thursday, December 12, 2013

What is the coldest place on earth?

Antarctic plateaus are connected by almost imperceptible ridges. According to just identify a scientific study, its record number of degrees Celsius was recorded on August 10, 2010.
Can you imagine how they feel 93.2 degrees below zero (-135.76 degrees Fahrenheit)? Well this is the chilling temperature of the coldest place on earth.

If you want to check, you can find this refescante site in the heart of Antarctica.
And researchers believe this is responsible for only a preliminary result: it is likely, they say, that when refine the information obtained by several space temperature sensors should add another degree below zero.
The previous record reached a minimum of -89.2 ° C (-128.56 ° F) and had also been measured in Antarctica, the Russian base at Vostok in 1983.
"These low temperatures are difficult to imagine," said Ted Scambos, National Center for Snow and Ice Data U.S. in Boulder, Colorado.
To give an idea, Scambos told the BBC that the cold is almost as low as zero extreme heat is the boiling point of water on zero (almost 100 º C or 212 º F).
"This new minimum is 50 degrees cooler than temperatures in Alaska or Siberia, and about 30 degrees colder than the lowest temperatures in Greenland."
"The cold snap right now feels in parts of North America seems bland in comparison," said the scientist.
Icy Duffels
Scambos involved these days in San Francisco at the fall meeting of the Union of American Geophysical (AGU, for its acronym in English), the largest annual convention of experts in geoscience.
He and his colleagues have been examining data collected over 30 years by polar orbiting satellites.
The scientists observed that the coldest time in Antarctica occur during the winter months in high places where extremely clear, dry air allows heat to be radiated into space very efficiently.
Many of these super cold spots are like "pearls" of a necklace made up of ridges connecting the highlands inside the polar continent.
Are not just on the edges of those peaks, but further back and downhill.
"The cold air near the surface flows downhill because it is denser and reaches these topographic shallow wells," Scambos explained.
"If you're standing in one of those places that is hard to notice that it is a shoal, since the slope is very gentle and very superficial. But is this enough to catch air. "
"Once these low lands, the air can be cooled even more and get to three or four degrees lower than the previous record of Vostok".
The cold pockets are located on a line running hundreds of miles between the plateau known as Domo Domo Argus and Fuji. In all of them the same as low of -92 º C temperatures between -94 º C and (-197.6 ° and -201.2 ° F) are reached.
The -93.2 ° C (-199.76 ° F) were recorded on a point at 81.8 degrees south latitude and 59.3 degrees east longitude.
Iran Heat, cold on the Moon
One space instruments used for this study is the Thermal Infrared Sensor part Landsat-8, just launched into space.
This sensor has a high resolution, but scientists say that as it is so new they need more time to calibrate and understand your data.
"I warn you not include Guinness this result in his book of world records because I think the numbers will be adjusted during the next year," Scambos told the BBC.
"However, I am now sure that we know where are the coldest places on the planet and why they are there."
For comparison, the hottest point on Earth was recorded, thanks to a satellite sensor-in Lut desert in southeastern Iran, where he came to 70.7 ° C (159.26 ° F in 2005.
And looking much further into the solar system, is likely to be the coldest place in a dark crater some planetary body without appreciable atmosphere. On the Moon were detected temperatures -238 ° C (-460.4 ° F).

Skip stone 500 feet and has trouble with parachute

He jumped from a platform of almost 500 feet, as he had done on other occasions , however , on 24 November extremoThayer athlete Healy recorded with the camera on his helmet what might have been his death.

The man , a native of Ohio, was launched from a cliff known as Wall Street in Moab , Utah. Although the parachute opened , turned right , prompting Healy will impact the stone wall and lost control after being unconscious.
According to the ABC newspaper in Spain , Healy suffered a fracture of the thoracic vertebra T12, ligament injuries of the back, wrist and hand and needed five stitches in the eye and six on the chin.
The athlete himself wrote on his Facebook account that he was hospitalized almost 24 hours and thanked those who helped at the scene after the accident creepy .
The video of the fall, posted on Vimeo last week , has been viewed nearly three million times.

Food to maintain energy

Food is fuel for the body. However, we must be cautious with what they eat, they do not necessarily provide quality energy. Here are some inputs suggested by the specialized portal Daily Meal.

Greek 1Yogur - Every 150 grams of this food contains between 11 and 14 grams of protein. Furthermore, it can be combined with other super nutritious ingredients like fruit or nuts.
Comprehensive 2Arroz. Whether in salads or soups, this whole grain can allow you to have a good digestion and keep vital throughout the day. Check the benefits of this food preparing a salad with brown rice.
3Guisantes. The protein in dry peas is of higher quality than that found in fresh. Make the most of your energy intake supplementing with fish.
4Agua. Eat lots of useless energy foods if you are not properly hydrated. Water is essential to keep active: remember to consume six to eight glasses a day to keep you healthy and drink it without guilt, it has no calories.
Mature 5Guineo. It is highly recommended for athletes food. If you are on weight loss diet, chances are you should restrict your consumption, but this does not mean that it is not a healthy source of nutrients that you charged the batteries. Take a glass of banana yogurt mid-morning or mid-afternoon to recharge your energies.
6Barras home energy. Remember it is better that you prepare at home, as processed usually include large amounts of sugar and other additives that do not provide health benefits.

Eyes cornstarch and quince (suitable freezer )

Hello! I've Returned ! Well, today I bring cornstarch eyes , mainly because I already asked several times if pacnificados with cornstarch (read crackers, cookies, etc. ) could freeze uncooked in the freezer , and then I'll show you how.

I think many / as have an interest in this to make snack , especially school lunches , as it is much cheaper than buying them and does not take long to prepare.

I did the eyes are roughly like those sold in kiosks or in bakeries , maybe a little more guys. So if you want to calculate what you save , multiply the price they charge them one by 15 and should make them look like home .

First the recipe and then freezing and thawing as .

Important: anticipated shows with butter ( well you have to soft) and or eggs from the refrigerator . Do not forget as well that are super good , especially if you are going to freeze to mix everything properly.

To make the center we have 3 options ( all easy ) depending on the texture you like the sweet , they can even make 3 variants and test .

Clarification : I did double the recipe and freeze half for the show were the freezer as well. Unless the family is large or want to freeze , put the quantities they are fine for a typical family .

INGREDIENTS ( for 15 to 20 eyes ) :

100g butter ( ointment )
100g sugar
1/2 tbsp ( you ) from jelly or jam (optional )
1 dash vanilla
1 egg ( room temp )
1 and 3 /4 cup flour
1/4 cup cornstarch ( cornflour )
1 tbsp (te) baking powder

To the center : tajadita quince puree or cut into small pieces , quince jam or jelly .


If you do not have jelly or quince jam and like the liquid center jelly type , simply tread with a little boiling water.

Another option is to hit the sweet without liquid , which is a puree them , that will not dry or they will stick to the teeth and it feels so sweet to put a whole piece .

    And it is obviously easier to cut the candy into pieces and ready , if you prefer you can use a more artistic cutting of fondant or something similar, is the most decorated darling . Do not forget to press a little to keep it out.

If using fresh water with a piece like this photo , if you use any of the other methods takes more or less double the amount .


Sift flour one hand , starch and baking powder and set aside.
Beat butter and sugar until creamy (no need to dissolve the sugar but it is homogeneous ) .

Add the egg and beat again. Then we added vanilla and jelly.
Now slowly add the sifted ingredients , fully incorporating between batch and batch. They will have to use a spoon if you do not have mixer.
Then send the dough to the refrigerator for a minimum time , well wrapped in film.

Upon removal can stretch 1cm thick and cut the eyes (or if they did cut the sausage slices directly) .

With finger pressed in the center and place the quince in the hollow of the way you prefer .

Ship at 180 ° C for 20 min approx ( in my oven takes about 30 to 20 but then fixed in case if electric oven) .

When browned down , removed and allowed to cool on a rejilla.NOTA 2: If you double or triple the recipe, add the eggs one by one.

NOTE 3: The photos below are of thawed eyes ( as you will see , more golden brown than the others) .

NOTE 4: many recipes that do not take honey and jelly , I recommend you not use honey if they are going to freeze.


Short answer to what I asked : Yes, they can freeze the masses with cornstarch in the freezer.

The issue is what happens to cornstarch . No if you left cornstarch with water in a bowl , if they did, you may have noticed it dries.
This happens to the mass ( or anything else that has cornstarch if left in place to use it fast).

The solution is to save the most that can be sealed without any air ( if you have equipment Vacuum Storage , perfect).
The more and more time cornstarch has more chance there leave it to dry , airless because this slows the process , so consider that.

If they get to dry well ( because they are staying open air or bag or something like that ) , you can re hydrate and solved .

If you do not want to rehydrate nothing happens, except that at least have the cooking liquid mass faster, which would lower the oven temperature or accept that it's going to be more crispy when cooked at the same temperature .

In fact, I will freeze so they are crispy because I like more , stay with the same taste but more chewy and not desmigan both (if you have no transport blight eyes ) . It is also advisable if they have to leave several days last longer as freshly made .

Last one month in the freezer ( last longer, but I recommend leaving them for what I said ) , and about 5 days after baked stored in Tupperware ( use it backwards to keep cakes ) or under bell jar .

Well, answered the question! Enjoy the eyes !

Vampire Bats Hanging ( confectioners Halloween)

 Today we have something for Halloween, which is not only easy and inexpensive but allows us a few variations in the use and pretend filler use.
They are something like a confectioners or minipiñatas , but can also simply be used as decoration .

As they are already pursuing various options , since you can leave it empty inside , attach candies chocolates or lollipops , or use a package of cookies and also saves half the work .

This is very fast , and is ideal for serial , so if you want to give it as a souvenir in class or at a party, they will not take more than a couple of hours and do not require them all prepared in advance .

Besides bats do not carry expensive materials have a very low per unit cost , so if you are going to do several or already have some materials, it costs what a couple of candy.

Most Older children can make them while cutting know well and do not make much enchastre with glue , no problem .


- Cardboard tubes (from ph or similar size)
- Black paper A4
- White Paper ( cuts and staff)
- Scissors
- Vinilica Cola
- Fine black nylon bag ( garbage or similar )
- Tanza

Prepare 1 tube 1 tube or cardboard and a half to contain filling, this will be the body of the bat.
The height that is given depends on the souvenir , if lollipops or chocolates ( or a small toy) should be higher than a single tube . However, if it is higher than half of the A4 sheet takes them more than 1 sheet per bat.

This step can be ignored when using cylindrical packages of cookies, but is far more expensive , perhaps prefer it if only for their children.

Once the glue has dried , we can cut a piece of nylon of approximately the same size as the A4 sheet , casing tube and that we are not the contents from leaking out the ends .
Wrap candy tube type , looking for the remains nylon overlay and close the binding with the tanza end . Now we will turn the nylon so that the knot over and stay inside. If they complicate this step , you can ignore. You can always make the bat has a punk hairstyle , or tape the excess end .

Then put the nylon on the tube again , fill and close the other end of the fishing line . On this side hung the bat , so they should tie it well and leave a side tanza long enough to hang .

What remains for us is to simply cut the black paper as indicated below ( no need to print is only a guide to see how to place the pieces on a single sheet , you can cut directly folding the sheet to achieve symmetry, and that will template ) .

 The party has ears sticking around the cylinder ( the ears to the side without visible tanza ) , and then the wings on either side , and in the end having the tanza the legs ( always paper with paper sticks ) . I did it upside down , but if they do the opposite than mine do the opposite when you paste the paper ( tanza where are the ears and legs on the other side ) .

Ideally, the biggest piece is well just so they do not slip out , but if you can hit them is with a small piece of tape ( I do not need mine , so do not add in materials, but can that one need it ) .

 Finally you are stuck pieces of white paper for eyes and fangs , forming the face. If you like you can review or give details with marker ( optional).

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Short dresses for pregnant brides

Long ago women who married while pregnant had to hide their pregnancy using loose clothing and special courts, so that other people avoid the judge and criticize.

But time has passed and how are you some rules have been forgotten today women who are pregnant may marry without having to hide your tummy.

There are different bridal gown collections we can find short designs especially for pregnant women, there you can choose the design that best fit your personality and how you show your belly better.

If you are to get married in summer please choose a short dress, these are very suitable for pregnant women and they are very comfortable, simple and informal and will make you look beautiful.
If your wedding takes place in winter using skin colored stockings to not feel cold with the dress.

If you wear a striking dress skirts choose flights or creases, otherwise choose the straight lines with tiny details that do not remove the simplicity of the dress.

Remember that colors these dresses are ideal for pastels, white, cream, beige, coral and metallic.