KMC Cafferty: Vampire Bats Hanging ( confectioners Halloween)

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Vampire Bats Hanging ( confectioners Halloween)

 Today we have something for Halloween, which is not only easy and inexpensive but allows us a few variations in the use and pretend filler use.
They are something like a confectioners or minipi├▒atas , but can also simply be used as decoration .

As they are already pursuing various options , since you can leave it empty inside , attach candies chocolates or lollipops , or use a package of cookies and also saves half the work .

This is very fast , and is ideal for serial , so if you want to give it as a souvenir in class or at a party, they will not take more than a couple of hours and do not require them all prepared in advance .

Besides bats do not carry expensive materials have a very low per unit cost , so if you are going to do several or already have some materials, it costs what a couple of candy.

Most Older children can make them while cutting know well and do not make much enchastre with glue , no problem .


- Cardboard tubes (from ph or similar size)
- Black paper A4
- White Paper ( cuts and staff)
- Scissors
- Vinilica Cola
- Fine black nylon bag ( garbage or similar )
- Tanza

Prepare 1 tube 1 tube or cardboard and a half to contain filling, this will be the body of the bat.
The height that is given depends on the souvenir , if lollipops or chocolates ( or a small toy) should be higher than a single tube . However, if it is higher than half of the A4 sheet takes them more than 1 sheet per bat.

This step can be ignored when using cylindrical packages of cookies, but is far more expensive , perhaps prefer it if only for their children.

Once the glue has dried , we can cut a piece of nylon of approximately the same size as the A4 sheet , casing tube and that we are not the contents from leaking out the ends .
Wrap candy tube type , looking for the remains nylon overlay and close the binding with the tanza end . Now we will turn the nylon so that the knot over and stay inside. If they complicate this step , you can ignore. You can always make the bat has a punk hairstyle , or tape the excess end .

Then put the nylon on the tube again , fill and close the other end of the fishing line . On this side hung the bat , so they should tie it well and leave a side tanza long enough to hang .

What remains for us is to simply cut the black paper as indicated below ( no need to print is only a guide to see how to place the pieces on a single sheet , you can cut directly folding the sheet to achieve symmetry, and that will template ) .

 The party has ears sticking around the cylinder ( the ears to the side without visible tanza ) , and then the wings on either side , and in the end having the tanza the legs ( always paper with paper sticks ) . I did it upside down , but if they do the opposite than mine do the opposite when you paste the paper ( tanza where are the ears and legs on the other side ) .

Ideally, the biggest piece is well just so they do not slip out , but if you can hit them is with a small piece of tape ( I do not need mine , so do not add in materials, but can that one need it ) .

 Finally you are stuck pieces of white paper for eyes and fangs , forming the face. If you like you can review or give details with marker ( optional).

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