KMC Cafferty: Eyes cornstarch and quince (suitable freezer )

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Eyes cornstarch and quince (suitable freezer )

Hello! I've Returned ! Well, today I bring cornstarch eyes , mainly because I already asked several times if pacnificados with cornstarch (read crackers, cookies, etc. ) could freeze uncooked in the freezer , and then I'll show you how.

I think many / as have an interest in this to make snack , especially school lunches , as it is much cheaper than buying them and does not take long to prepare.

I did the eyes are roughly like those sold in kiosks or in bakeries , maybe a little more guys. So if you want to calculate what you save , multiply the price they charge them one by 15 and should make them look like home .

First the recipe and then freezing and thawing as .

Important: anticipated shows with butter ( well you have to soft) and or eggs from the refrigerator . Do not forget as well that are super good , especially if you are going to freeze to mix everything properly.

To make the center we have 3 options ( all easy ) depending on the texture you like the sweet , they can even make 3 variants and test .

Clarification : I did double the recipe and freeze half for the show were the freezer as well. Unless the family is large or want to freeze , put the quantities they are fine for a typical family .

INGREDIENTS ( for 15 to 20 eyes ) :

100g butter ( ointment )
100g sugar
1/2 tbsp ( you ) from jelly or jam (optional )
1 dash vanilla
1 egg ( room temp )
1 and 3 /4 cup flour
1/4 cup cornstarch ( cornflour )
1 tbsp (te) baking powder

To the center : tajadita quince puree or cut into small pieces , quince jam or jelly .


If you do not have jelly or quince jam and like the liquid center jelly type , simply tread with a little boiling water.

Another option is to hit the sweet without liquid , which is a puree them , that will not dry or they will stick to the teeth and it feels so sweet to put a whole piece .

    And it is obviously easier to cut the candy into pieces and ready , if you prefer you can use a more artistic cutting of fondant or something similar, is the most decorated darling . Do not forget to press a little to keep it out.

If using fresh water with a piece like this photo , if you use any of the other methods takes more or less double the amount .


Sift flour one hand , starch and baking powder and set aside.
Beat butter and sugar until creamy (no need to dissolve the sugar but it is homogeneous ) .

Add the egg and beat again. Then we added vanilla and jelly.
Now slowly add the sifted ingredients , fully incorporating between batch and batch. They will have to use a spoon if you do not have mixer.
Then send the dough to the refrigerator for a minimum time , well wrapped in film.

Upon removal can stretch 1cm thick and cut the eyes (or if they did cut the sausage slices directly) .

With finger pressed in the center and place the quince in the hollow of the way you prefer .

Ship at 180 ° C for 20 min approx ( in my oven takes about 30 to 20 but then fixed in case if electric oven) .

When browned down , removed and allowed to cool on a rejilla.NOTA 2: If you double or triple the recipe, add the eggs one by one.

NOTE 3: The photos below are of thawed eyes ( as you will see , more golden brown than the others) .

NOTE 4: many recipes that do not take honey and jelly , I recommend you not use honey if they are going to freeze.


Short answer to what I asked : Yes, they can freeze the masses with cornstarch in the freezer.

The issue is what happens to cornstarch . No if you left cornstarch with water in a bowl , if they did, you may have noticed it dries.
This happens to the mass ( or anything else that has cornstarch if left in place to use it fast).

The solution is to save the most that can be sealed without any air ( if you have equipment Vacuum Storage , perfect).
The more and more time cornstarch has more chance there leave it to dry , airless because this slows the process , so consider that.

If they get to dry well ( because they are staying open air or bag or something like that ) , you can re hydrate and solved .

If you do not want to rehydrate nothing happens, except that at least have the cooking liquid mass faster, which would lower the oven temperature or accept that it's going to be more crispy when cooked at the same temperature .

In fact, I will freeze so they are crispy because I like more , stay with the same taste but more chewy and not desmigan both (if you have no transport blight eyes ) . It is also advisable if they have to leave several days last longer as freshly made .

Last one month in the freezer ( last longer, but I recommend leaving them for what I said ) , and about 5 days after baked stored in Tupperware ( use it backwards to keep cakes ) or under bell jar .

Well, answered the question! Enjoy the eyes !

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