KMC Cafferty: What is the coldest place on earth?

Thursday, December 12, 2013

What is the coldest place on earth?

Antarctic plateaus are connected by almost imperceptible ridges. According to just identify a scientific study, its record number of degrees Celsius was recorded on August 10, 2010.
Can you imagine how they feel 93.2 degrees below zero (-135.76 degrees Fahrenheit)? Well this is the chilling temperature of the coldest place on earth.

If you want to check, you can find this refescante site in the heart of Antarctica.
And researchers believe this is responsible for only a preliminary result: it is likely, they say, that when refine the information obtained by several space temperature sensors should add another degree below zero.
The previous record reached a minimum of -89.2 ° C (-128.56 ° F) and had also been measured in Antarctica, the Russian base at Vostok in 1983.
"These low temperatures are difficult to imagine," said Ted Scambos, National Center for Snow and Ice Data U.S. in Boulder, Colorado.
To give an idea, Scambos told the BBC that the cold is almost as low as zero extreme heat is the boiling point of water on zero (almost 100 º C or 212 º F).
"This new minimum is 50 degrees cooler than temperatures in Alaska or Siberia, and about 30 degrees colder than the lowest temperatures in Greenland."
"The cold snap right now feels in parts of North America seems bland in comparison," said the scientist.
Icy Duffels
Scambos involved these days in San Francisco at the fall meeting of the Union of American Geophysical (AGU, for its acronym in English), the largest annual convention of experts in geoscience.
He and his colleagues have been examining data collected over 30 years by polar orbiting satellites.
The scientists observed that the coldest time in Antarctica occur during the winter months in high places where extremely clear, dry air allows heat to be radiated into space very efficiently.
Many of these super cold spots are like "pearls" of a necklace made up of ridges connecting the highlands inside the polar continent.
Are not just on the edges of those peaks, but further back and downhill.
"The cold air near the surface flows downhill because it is denser and reaches these topographic shallow wells," Scambos explained.
"If you're standing in one of those places that is hard to notice that it is a shoal, since the slope is very gentle and very superficial. But is this enough to catch air. "
"Once these low lands, the air can be cooled even more and get to three or four degrees lower than the previous record of Vostok".
The cold pockets are located on a line running hundreds of miles between the plateau known as Domo Domo Argus and Fuji. In all of them the same as low of -92 º C temperatures between -94 º C and (-197.6 ° and -201.2 ° F) are reached.
The -93.2 ° C (-199.76 ° F) were recorded on a point at 81.8 degrees south latitude and 59.3 degrees east longitude.
Iran Heat, cold on the Moon
One space instruments used for this study is the Thermal Infrared Sensor part Landsat-8, just launched into space.
This sensor has a high resolution, but scientists say that as it is so new they need more time to calibrate and understand your data.
"I warn you not include Guinness this result in his book of world records because I think the numbers will be adjusted during the next year," Scambos told the BBC.
"However, I am now sure that we know where are the coldest places on the planet and why they are there."
For comparison, the hottest point on Earth was recorded, thanks to a satellite sensor-in Lut desert in southeastern Iran, where he came to 70.7 ° C (159.26 ° F in 2005.
And looking much further into the solar system, is likely to be the coldest place in a dark crater some planetary body without appreciable atmosphere. On the Moon were detected temperatures -238 ° C (-460.4 ° F).

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