KMC Cafferty: Skip stone 500 feet and has trouble with parachute

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Skip stone 500 feet and has trouble with parachute

He jumped from a platform of almost 500 feet, as he had done on other occasions , however , on 24 November extremoThayer athlete Healy recorded with the camera on his helmet what might have been his death.

The man , a native of Ohio, was launched from a cliff known as Wall Street in Moab , Utah. Although the parachute opened , turned right , prompting Healy will impact the stone wall and lost control after being unconscious.
According to the ABC newspaper in Spain , Healy suffered a fracture of the thoracic vertebra T12, ligament injuries of the back, wrist and hand and needed five stitches in the eye and six on the chin.
The athlete himself wrote on his Facebook account that he was hospitalized almost 24 hours and thanked those who helped at the scene after the accident creepy .
The video of the fall, posted on Vimeo last week , has been viewed nearly three million times.

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